History into a Home: Union Lofts Augusta

Now Leasing

Union Lofts Augusta : Now Leasing a piece of history.

Located at 513 James Brown Blvd, Union Lofts presents a striking example of how historical preservation can meet contemporary living. These apartments, housed in restored warehouse-style buildings from the early 1900s, are now beautifully finished and available for lease, offering residents a unique blend of old-world charm and modern amenities.

 Preserving the Architectural Integrity

Led by developer Brendon Steffes, the restoration of Union Lofts has been a meticulous process. “The whole front of the building will have restored original windows or those modeled after the original design,” Steffes explains. This commitment extends to the

 detailed trim work, baseboards, crown molding, and other ornate features that have been carefully preserved or recreated to maintain the historical essence of the buildings.

A Unique Living Experience

Union Lofts consists of three interconnected warehouse buildings, now transformed into 22 distinct apartments. Each unit offers its own unique layout and design, reflecting the rich history of the original structures while providing the comforts and conveniences expected in modern living spaces.


Modern Amenities in a Historic Setting

The apartments at Union Lofts feature modern comforts such as walk-in showers with upscale tile and glass, alongside upgraded finishes throughout. These contemporary conveniences are integrated with the buildings’ historical elements, providing a living experience that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Ideal Location

The strategic location of Union Lofts offers easy access to the bustling downtown area, just two blocks away, and is conveniently situated across from the Richmond County Library, only blocks from Broad Street and all the greatest restaurants. This makes it an appealing option for those who appreciate a vibrant community atmosphere coupled with cultural accessibility.

Now Leasing

Union Lofts is excited to announce that these stunning apartments are finished and now available for lease. Prospective residents can look forward to moving in and enjoying a beautifully integrated living space that respects its historical roots while embracing a modern lifestyle.

As renovations of historic buildings often lead to a loss of original character, Union Lofts serves as a noteworthy example of how to preserve the integrity of the past while adapting to current needs and preferences. It offers a compelling opportunity for those seeking a residence that honors its history while providing all the benefits of modern living.

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