Our Services

Doorpost brings years of professional property management experience to the table. Our expertise in managing integrated services, fulfilling leases, and improving properties makes our partners’ lives easier and more profitable.

Robust Reporting

Whether you're underwriting an acquisition or you already own multiple properties, our reporting can be customized to your needs. We can provide market, sub-market, and property-specific underwriting reports to aid in your real estate investment decision making process. We can also assist in establishing capital budgets to reposition your assets or simply maximize your returns. Our operations reporting can be completely customized to fit your needs. We pride ourselves on consistency, accuracy, and in-depth analysis of your targeted financials. Our goal is to help you meet or exceed your ownership expectations.


Identifying and holding on to the ideal resident for your property is one of our key services. Through strategic planning and budgeting, we efficiently maximize exposure of your property to targeted audiences by leveraging combinations of social marketing and traditional media. Our highly trained staff is proficient in placing and retaining ideal tenants in the right homes.

Integrated Maintenance Services

Repairs and maintenance to your real estate investments are both your largest expense and the most important aspect of preserving your asset. At Doorpost, we have a fully integrated maintenance staff. Our maintenance technicians are highly trained professionals who add value to your asset by economically maintaining and enhancing your property. We seek to deliver quality work at a fraction of the cost of outside contractors.

Forward Focused

Management plans specifically designed to optimize the performance of your investment and enhance the financial future.

About Us


Jacob McClure

Executive Director

Jacob is the Executive Director for Doorpost Management with extensive experience in the multifamily space and value-add propositions. This experience in the multifamily space is through acquisitions, re-positioning, leasing, and end-to-end management of multifamily assets. Jacob has helped many investors from across the country navigate and enter the multifamily space in the Augusta market. Prior to Doorpost, Jacob operated in the insurance industry with a focus on risk management and asset protection. Jacob is a licensed real estate agent.

I can help you with:

  • Acquisitions
  • Investor Relationships
  • Proposal for Services