More Than Management


Simply hearing the word ‘renovation’ may have a lot of people running from potential investments. However, when our investor saw Wintergreen Apartments, he knew renovation would mean more value. These abandoned units were in desperate need of some TLC, and that’s where Doorpost Management came in.

Though ‘management’ is a key word in our name, we go well beyond that in our services. Renovating these units with Doorpost meant less stress and more ROI for the property investor. In less than a month’s time, Doorpost was able to get these units from appalling to amazing. Rent started at just $615 per month before Doorpost turned these around and were able to fill them for $925 per month.

We like to say “you invest, we do the rest” because that is truly a statement we stand by. Our investor saw potential in this value add and we did the work to get it there, making it a win-win for everyone.

Look through these before and afters to see for yourself how Doorpost can transform units for greater return!


Doorpost Management
Doorpost Management

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